What would you like to do if money were no object?

Here’s what Alan Watts asked:

I would like to spend my life coordinating discussions on issues of moral, social and political relevance and working with other people to act on those discussion and resolutions to make the world better, both in terms of discrete community projects and grand plans for a thoughtfully (re)designed society. Collaboration with others and the wisdom of others is crucial to me in this goal. I would also like to maintain close and loving connections with my family and my dearest friends, making sure that I have enough time to spend with them.

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Twilight of Democracy Vigil Saturday April 21, 2012 7 pm Jenkintown

Silent, (flashlight)lit vigil THIS Saturday April 21 at 7 pm sharp (dusk): for 24 minutes only.

Title of event is TWILIGHT OF DEMOCRACY.


Wear long pale blue, white or gray (twilight-colored) robes (or just normal clothing).

Meet (silent – no talking or noise of any kind) at Walnut St. and Summit Ave. (Jenkintown United Methodist Church) in Jenkintown. Two block walk of the Jenkintown (Occupy encampment) SEPTA train station.

Do no block traffic not sidewalk. TOTALLY SILENT EVENT WITH SIGNS. Disperse at 7:24 pm silently and without comment.

Bring a light (preferably dim flashlight). NO OPEN FLAME.



If you are not registered, register.

If you need an absentee ballot, get one.

VOTE APRIL 24 but refuse to show ID


Here’s one place to get info. on registering and absentee ballots http://palwv.org/voting/vote.html


Can you make and bring 2 signs, saying “vote April 24 and REFUSE to show ID.” or “Voter ID is the sundown of democracy.”

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First Friday Art Show!!!

First Friday Art Show!!!
The Last one was a blast, Lets make this one even better!
4th, N3RD Gallery at 12n 3rd Street, 6pm

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Captain Lewis – Showing of ‘Inside Job’ – Join Us

Come Join us on Sunday, February 26 @ 4:00, for a showing of the movie ‘Inside Job’ hosted by Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis. He has been a hero to the RS crew on more than one occasion during 2011 and 2012, inspiring thousands of citizens to wake up and take action.

The Event will be held at 22 South 3rd street on 2/26 starting at 4:00

Ray Lewis - Showing of Inside Job - Philadlephia - Reasonable Solutions

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Political News – RS – Tax on Financial Transactions…

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  –  Yesterday 5:22 PM  –  Public
This ad is very, very well done. Well worth watching, even if you don’t agree, for Bill Nighy’s splendid acting.

I suspect the proposed tax on financial transactions wouldn’t raise as much money as projected, because it might put a major damper on speculative activity by banks. While the proposed tax appears to be very small, the reason it would raise so much money is that the volume of financial transactions is so high. Trillions of automated transactions that collectively make billions of profit for banks might actually make only a small profit per transaction. The tax might thus be a larger part of the profit on each transaction, making certain kinds of financial churn no longer profitable.

I think this is likely a good thing. But there may be better ways to achieve the same goal.

Lawrence Wilkinson's profile photoLawrence Wilkinson originally shared this post:
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
Feared by the bad, loved by the good
Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood

youtube.com – Campaign video by Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy, about the Robin Hood Tax, a tiny tax on bank transactions that could raise hundreds of billions for public…
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Philadelphia Coalition Of the Heart WORKPARTY! w/ Occupy Vacant Lots! Sunday 2/26 10am until 3pm

Event Link

Come and Join Occupy Vacant Lots, Philadelphia Coalition of The Heart, And Reasonable Solutions OWS Philadelphia at 24th Street, near Jefferson!

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RS Meeting Wednesday Febuary 8th

Our weekly open meeting will be held on Wednesday 2/8 at 5:30 pm at 11 North 3rd Street. Click for Map. We will begin going through the agenda at 5:45, but feel free to show up any time before 7:30.

Our Agenda:
– Welcome and Introductions
– RS Announcements
– Art Show Recap
– Committee Announcements
– 2012 Planning Discussion

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