Blog Launch

Welcome!  More to come…


About llllll12llllllgllllll

Philadelphia Resident Activist, Philosopher, Artist, Film Maker
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3 Responses to Blog Launch

  1. Patrick Miner says:

    Lets eat cornmeal

  2. Dan Bencsik says:

    its about time some reasonable people took over occupy!

  3. A reasonably concerned father says:

    the problem is the people we are trying to get to change themselves want the least reasonable people leading these movements to ensure that they fail. While the system is broken, it has still helped usher in an era of unparalleled increases in wealth throughout the world. And not just in the top one percent.

    What we need is our access back to the information they took from us, and the ability to make something from better from our lives and for this world. They want us to fail, which is exactly why we will succeed!

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