A Call for Reason

This morning our group, that was present at G.A., is reporting that the majority has shifted back to staying and resisting police. Reasonable Solutions has been advocating that we expand to a second location, and while we were gaining support over the last few days there was a major tide change yesterday.  An unofficial count was 80 for resisting, 12 for not resisting. Another report stated that it was more like 40 to 10. Either way that is a super majority. This may be due to:

  • lack of Solutioners on site (although I know we don’t have 80+ members)
  • 4 days of persuasion hypnosis brought by our opposition
  • the shake up we experienced amongst our donations and resources committee

SOLUTION 1 – Calling the Mayor’s office. Autonomous expansion is still an option, but the mayor’s office is now standing firm on only providing one permit to the occupation. This is a matter that some of us will be addressing this morning.

SOLUTION 2 – Contact unions and let them know that we need their support. Some will be affected by a delay or canceling of the construction project and therefore will support our non-violent approach toward expansion and relocation.

A final vote on this issue is supposed to happen at G.A. on Friday, but that schedule seems to be very flexible.  I expect that they will put the vote on once there is enough support on the side of resistance, which is now present. Given that notion, it is important for all of us to show up for voting tonight through friday night.

Any and all ideas are welcome that may help with this matter.


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