An Important Vote Tonight

Tonight is the night.  The proposal that was original raised by the Radical Caucus, and has since become a major focus, will be voted on tonight.  Facilitation seems to be running with this proposal, which I feel is good because the issue is so contentious, but I also feel like it provides the illusion that our core participants support it.  Is facilitation truly neutral?  I think that’s a topic for another day.

Please get the word out.  We need all logical citizens on site tonight at 7pm for G.A. and the vote. Call your friends! The Radical Caucus will likely be there with a large group consisting of more out-of-towners, so we need to mass a large group as well.  This is the proposal for those that missed it:

Occupy Philadelphia will stay at Dilworth Plaza at the anticipated “start of the Dilworth Plaza construction.” We also intend to expand to Thomas Paine Plaza. If this proposal is adopted Occupy Philadelphia will issue a public statement and a list of demands.

How Should We Vote??

The majority of our group is on the side of voting this proposal down.  This would remove the option of staying as a unified decision.  There have also been some rather preposterous demands raised for discussion.  Progressing toward these statements may be a slippery slope.

Some of us also have been discussing the position of ‘pro-choice’, which is to vote for acceptance of the proposal.  This would essentially give them enough rope to hang themselves because of the divide that it would cause.  Logical people would move and they would stay on site for a beating and incarceration. Meanwhile, we can continue peacefully with a new G.A. setting and format. I think this is a worthy option, but personally I feel like this could be our backup strategy if the proposal passes.  I will post more about this later today.

All attendees should be prepared with clarifying questions, concerns, and friendly amendments.  Do your best to pay attention to the meeting and GET ON STACK. Reasonable Solutions will be raising two friendly amendments that state:

  1. Change the proposal to read that we will make one demand instead of a list.
  2. Add a statement at the end that says we will leave Dilworth Plaza entirely if our demand is met.
If either or both of these get added, it may cause enough confusion so that the radicals do not vote to pass their own proposal.

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One Response to An Important Vote Tonight

  1. Pete says:

    Why wouldn’t Occupy Philly consider setting up Shop/Camping out in Rittenhouse Square? You want to get Attention, and let the One Percenters (1%ers) know how you feel? That’s the Spot. Just my Two Cents (2¢).

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