Why are people blocking the Dilworth Plaza renovation in the first place? Why?

Why are we blocking the Dilworth Plaza renovation in the first place?

—>IT IS A GREEN INITIATIVE! “The sustainable design of the plaza will help achieve many of the objectives of Greenworks Philadelphia by reducing by 38 percent the existing impermeable paving, adding dozens of new trees (canopy increase of 26%) and other landscaping, and reducing storm-water runoff through an irrigat…ion system with water supplied by a rain-collecting cistern.” *OTHER FACTS OF THE PROJECT IN THE LINK

—>IT IS A JOBS STIMULUS!!! The unions are a vital part of the %99. This renovation will create a 2 year job stimulus in a blue-collar industry that is ailing with upwards of %30 unemployment. Providing 1,060 construction jobs (and that’s not counting the low estimate of 10,000 jobs it will generate regionally). If we are the %99 we should stand in Solidarity with the union workers who our actions will most directly affect. And the other working members of the 99%

—->DISABILITIES RIGHTS!!! The renovation is also the direct result of Disabilities activists efforts. They fought for this renovation to get fair access to Public Transit, and in particular the free transfer they have rights to that they are denied daily, which very matter of factly affects their bottomlines. Why are we disregarding their hard work?

—>IT IS A COMMONS SPACE!!! As a resident of Philadelphia, I am all too aware of the horrible conditions that have existed in and around the City Hall/Love Park area for decades. This initiative is a means to provide a community space that can be shared by all! It is not a playground for the rich. It is an area where families will be able to gather, where people will be able to participate in their City together…I look forward to spending time with my kids there!

—>THE FORMERLY HOMELESS!!! The excuse that “…the homeless were here before us and will be here after us.” is a horribly negative, and shortsighted way to look at things. As OP we have built a community. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all those who wish to engage in this movement. For their part, the formerly-homeless have very little interest in a confrontation over City Hall. They are much more into the idea of being fed, clothed, and housed by a loving community that has their best interests at heart. Not fighting over a space that has no long-term potential anyway.


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