What Now?

Many people were initially troubled by the decision at the G.A. last night, that includes the Reasonable Solutions Committee. Our first major initiative, to move our encampment, has failed. We must accept this fact and remember to support our fellow occupiers in their decision to stay.

Today, some of us are feeling reinvigorated. Our next moves have become even more important than they were before the vote. We need to shake it off and realize that the vote went the way it did because of a consensus. If we agree with it or not we need to look forward and figure out what’s next.

We will be meeting today at 4:30 at the southwest corner of City Hall.  As I have said many times before, I would like to affirm the following statement.

We are all leaders. Leadership is a state of mind which will be supported by our actions that are based in logic, reason, and common sense. It is up to each and every one of us to identify challenges, discuss solutions, and make them happen.

Some challenges are more obvious than others. We have a major one on our hands now, but this should be even more reason to come out and discuss possible solutions.

Thank you


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Philadelphia Resident Activist, Philosopher, Artist, Film Maker
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