A Petition for the Logical

This proposal was accepted by the G.A. on Friday 11/11

If you agree with the following statement and wish to sign the petition, click the following link to http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/occupyphillymove to sign it and have your voice heard!

By *signing below, and thereby approving this petition, we move to disqualify the General Assembly’s authority on the proposal to
remain at Dilworth Plaza and start non-violent resistance trainings and eviction preparations, i.e. de-escalation trainings. We reject the General Assembly’s decision to stay at Dilworth Plaza due to our collective frustrations with a process that has been unfair and exclusionary, and has disenfranchised online occupiers, the elderly, the homeless, the disabled and many other members of the 99% movement. We also feel that by adopting a strategy that will inevitably lead to a conflict, issuing a statement that we will resist eviction, and inviting confrontation, the decision is in direct violation of the 99% movement’s core principles of peace, non-violence, and inclusiveness.

We declare that what happens at Dilworth Plaza should be considered the sole responsibility of participants in the direct action of protest against the renovation. Direct Action and the arrested have set this precedent themselves in previous incidences of jail solidarity at Police HQ’s & Comcast, and in return Occupy Philly has stood in in unity with them. We feel it is only right they uphold that same responsibility to the movement in regards to Dilworth Plaza, therefore allowing us to obtain a new permit and relocate at the end of the current permit.



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