Occupy The Constitution

This is a TEST of our Free-Speech System...

This is a TEST of our Free-Speech System...

A small group has moved to Independence Hall as of Sunday night. We are sort of dipping a toe in federal waters… it’s an experiment. It’s also a Test of Our Free Speech System. The area picked is known as the most protected free-speech zone in the country.  It is adjacent to a large granite tablet of our first amendment in fact!  That being the case, it seemed like the most ideal place to open a dialog with our federal government. So far so good.  Communications with the National Park Service have been positive.

Our brother on the ground at Independence Mall, Chris, needs supplies.  He can be seen on the south side of Market st. between 5th and 6th streets. These are the things he needs… any contribution helps.
– buckets and sand to anchor tents
– a charged battery from the tech tent at City Hall
– water and other beverages
– food. he craves pizza!

The New Facebook Page is up!!! Changed the name for a variety of reasons…  Occupy 1776


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One Response to Occupy The Constitution

  1. Tarig Anter says:

    Western Democracy is a Financiers’ Joke
    The financial and economic crises of Europe and in the West in general are bringing new corrupt solutions and concepts. It is impossible to understand and not to be outraged by the new practices of Western “democracies”.

    One late example, in Greece and Italy the elected prime ministers and governments were forced to resign. The pressures on them didn’t come from the peoples but from the EU and from the financiers. This means that elections and the decisions made by voters are useless.

    Government cabinets and members of parliaments are no longer answerable to the people but primarily to the EU and to financiers. Sovereignty is now being sold in European and Western financial markets. It is the same old story that changed the map of Europe and toppled European systems in the in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Did anyone learn?

    People are very concerned about the way the EU demanded austerity is being distributed; but the “democratic” politicians are only worried about the EU and financiers interests.

    The former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou was swiftly removed just because he decided that a referendum is essential to approve the EU debt package agreement. His plan infuriated European leaders, and rocked globalist financiers. Then the proposed referendum was emphatically scraped to appease them.

    In a similar manner, the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy was hastily ditched because he insisted that Italy will not ask for loans from the IMF. Europe and the USA are victims of the same systematic sabotage of overspending; debts; speculations; and financiers’ control for a very long time.

    Is it possible in the near future to see voting being conducted in stock exchanges rather than in voting centers?

    Western democracies on both sided of the Atlantic are influenced by financiers and not by the people. It would be better for them to rename their own form of “Democracy” to be “Finocracy”.


    Globalization Threats to Healthy Democracy; Re-Design Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

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