Occupy Wall Street Philadelphia Launch Party!!!!

Join the 99% Movement


Join OWS Philadelphia & Reasonable Solutions this Saturday,
December 2nd from 12p-5p for a day of celebration as we launch the
newly formed “Free Speech Demonstration Space” at Thomas Paine Plaza.
Join the 99% movement for economic justice and community development
and get involved!!!

Occupy Philly has grown. In just over a month and a half, we have
grown beyond a singular expression of protest. We have evolved into a
pure expression of the 99% movement. An inclusive platform for social
justice and community development aimed to include all who are willing
to work for the changes they want to see take shape.

We are a community and a family. We are all leaders standing
shoulder to shoulder as a wall in opposition to the greed which has
marginalized the American populace. Regardless of this crisis, we
remain optimistic and energetic. We are determined and committed. We
are united. The sentiment of our discontent binds us to a duty, and we
are driven to achieve our goals. FOCUSED!

Let’s get back to work!!!



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One Response to Occupy Wall Street Philadelphia Launch Party!!!!


    1. We will vote on whether to sign the contract with the venue next week.

    2. As of today, we have raised $12,204.18 in checks and pay pal donations.

    3. The cost of the venue will be approximately $40,000. It is approximate because we do not the cost of the insurance and other miscellaneous expenses like security badges and printing costs. This is for 9am on July 2nd to July 4th.

    4. Once we have paid for the venue, we will ask the Mayor of Philadelphia to do a joint press release with us announcing the National General Assembly to the national and international media. I think it is fair for the Mayor to wait until he knows we can pay for the venue before he commits to such a press release.

    5. The commercial will finish its one week run tomorrow night.

    6. I emailed Dylan Ratigan’s booking agent to today requesting an appearance with Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig who has agreed to go on air with us.

    7. Bill Schultz will be on Mike Feder’s radio show on December 14th at 1pm.

    8. I will be calling Margaret Flowers of the movement in DC to coordinate our efforts.

    9. We have three producers who want to start filming a documentary about the NGA, OWS and the 99% Declaration. I will keep you updated and we need ten people running for delegate willing to be filmed.

    10. Trucker Tom is looking into the cost of an electronic voting system for the delegates when at the NGA. Please contact him with your ideas.

    11. We have Kim, Wayne and Amber working on discount hotel offers for the delegates that week and we have asked Occupy Philly for volunteers to put up delegates who cannot afford a hotel from 7-1 to 7-5.

    12. We filed for a permit with the National Parks Service and Mayor Nutter to allow the 876 delegates to sign the petition in front of Independence Hall the afternoon of 7-4-12.

    13. We need a committee that will purchase local ads in congressional districts that do not register candidates for delegate.

    14. The new webpage will be up any day. This new page will allow you to sign up for email updates, and register as a candidate for delegate. Each candidate will be able to create a candidate profile. When the polls open in March, you will go back to this webpage to vote for your favorite candidates.

    15. We are taking bids from three online voting companies to help us run the voting securely and accurately in March.

    16. We have a proofread group of 17 people who have written a form letter to send to guest speakers to come to the NGA. I have asked that group to please research the contact names and addresses for our speaker. So far we have Alec Baldwin’s info but he might have to fly to Philly!

    Is anyone interested in designing a stationary for the Not for Profit? The information is

    The Ninety-Nine Percent Working Group, Ltd.
    The 99 Percent Declaration
    Post Office Box 190
    Red Hook, New York 12571
    Email: the99declaration@gmail.com
    URL: http://www.the99declaration.org

    We have not set up an 800 phone number yet but its on my list!

    17. James Sanders is our primary Admin for all three groups. So if you have questions about the FB pages, James is your man. James is also a good writer and contributed point 22.

    18. We have a couple radio outlets we are contacting to get on air.

    Please try and get on your own local radio stations to talk about the NGA and March election. All the information is on the webpage. Think about going to the Mall in the next two weeks to pass out flyers with our web address and the six point plan. Even though this is a FB group, you are a voting member of the Working Group and have right to represent us if you adhere to the 99% Declaration.


    email me with any questions. Michael Pollok

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