OWS Philadelphia – 12/10/2011

OWS Philadelphia Saturday - Every Saturday 12-5 - Thomas Paine Plaza - Philadelphia

Join us tomorrow, 12/10, and every Saturday (weather permitting) for our event at Thomas Paine Plaza: OWS Philadelphia

Every Saturday from 12:00-5:00 pm at Thomas Paine Plaza. OWS Philadelphia. This is a public outreach event in our permitted Free-Speech Zone. Each week we organize an Info and Education table to help inform the public on issues that we feel are important. The current focus is our effort to help change unfair laws of corporate personhood and reinstate Glass-Steagall. We also provide an Art Forum so that people can socialize and create signs and messages together. If you would like to help with organizing or if you would like to perform or speak, please contact us.  This meeting is announced weekly on our blog, email list and social network sites.

Peace, Logic, Humanity
– RS


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Philadelphia Resident Activist, Philosopher, Artist, Film Maker
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