RS Meeting Notes – 12/14

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. It was a great turnout given the other things we have going on, most notably the OP finance meeting. I was very pleased to see some new faces! The meeting was fairly productive as we managed to get through our agenda and share ideas for about an hour.  Diamond from the 99% Declaration was in attendance as well. He provided some excellent information about their efforts and how we can get involved. The discussion as to whether or not this will become an official RS effort will be on the table this week in our online discussion group.

Full Meeting Notes

RS Messages Left on Train

Dan's Handywork - I like your style 😉

On a side note: Dan B. was feeling inspired on his train ride home. While he was spreading the word, he was approached by some bankers! They had some interesting arguments, and they gave Dan some books to read – Too Big to Fail and The Big Short. Dan noted to me later that we should consider creating a guide to talking about Corporate Personhood and the Glass-Steagall Act. Great idea… Any takers? At the very least, this could be a great topic for discussion for our next meeting.


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3 Responses to RS Meeting Notes – 12/14

  1. iden says:

    where is the online discussion group you mention here?

  2. I am Wayne A Peischl
    I am on the committee to help find hotels , motels , ect. I spoke with Dan to request a point person.
    I would like to make sure we on on the same page, but not doing the same work . Dia Mond sent me your way . My # is 484-480-8530 I look forward to working with you and getting to know you .

  3. We would like to work with all of the demands groups and constitution groups in OWS. Please submit you suggested grievances and solutions for the final petition for a redress of grievances that the 876 will vote on in a direct democracy process. Please remember the ONLY difference between local self-appointed GA’s and the National General Assembly is the National GA will be elected from all 435 voting districts plus DC Puerto RIco and the four American territories. We are spending tens of thousands of dollars to hire an online/telephone voting company that does these types of elections in real life make sure the election is free, fair, secure and transparent. We have narrowed it down to two leading companies and have taken bids from them. The low bid that offers the best product will get the contract.

    We need the local GA’s to help us register voters, encourage delegates to run and then tell people to vote the weekend of 3-23. If the GA’s don’t help us, you can be sure the tea party and Ron Paul supporters, who are very motivated, will run their candidates. We are non-partisan and welcome all groups, but I am concerned that division in the movement will cause OWS not to send delegates which would be a tragedy. Please work with us to make this happen. This in no way replaces local GA’s it is in addition and in support of the current movement as it functions. Both movements are synergistic. Michael Pollok

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