A Week Of Progress

Last week was a huge week for the 99%/Occupy Movement, and Reasonable Solutions was right in the thick of things as usual!

Our week began with final preparations for Occupy the Congress, a day of action in Washington D.C. focused on putting the Leaders of our Federal Government on Notice! Steady Dan and members of RS finalized travel plans, packed the van with gear for the trip, and strategized on ways to expand our outreach to the movement as a whole.

With the current battles against SOPA & PIPA, the NDAA, and Corporate Personhood fresh in everyones minds, D.C. was a charged  and energetic environment with conversations breaking out on the Capitol steps and protestors from around the country roaming the halls of Congress without incident. By and large it was a very positive, peaceful, and diverse event that had people drawing comparisons to Tea Party events of a couple years ago.

The idea of the 99% is indeed taking hold and expanding in the public imagination. We will shake our chains and break the boundaries that divide us. From the 99% to the whole!

On Wednesday we had our weekly meeting which was made available online via Skype and well attended! Evolving our approaches on how to proceed with various objectives currently occupying the whiteboards, and planning for a successful 2012!

Moving ahead we are focused on creative solutions, building strong alliances, and spreading awareness through art & educational initiatives to the 99%

 We are evolving…

On Thursday we spent our time between meetings, designing and printing signs for the following day’s rally, & calling our elected officials as individuals and letting them know our feelings about SOPA & PIPA. On our Facebook page we observed the Blackout that caused quite a stir last week. Here’s a recap, in case you were living under a rock.

The Collective Internet Strike that garnered support from thousands of websites, including giants like Google, Wikipedia, & Mozilla proposing petitions in opposition to the Anti-Piracy legislation that was floating around Washington went viral! Major awareness to the free speech issues inherent in the information age finally took center stage, and our collective efforts caused a wave of attention that grew so large it essentially killed the legislation dead in its tracks. For now….99% ftw!

As we move ahead I am encouraged…

On Friday members of RS gathered at Thomas Paine Plaza to support Move to Amend’s national day of action against Corporate Personhood in support of the 28th Amendment to Dissolve Citizens United. Occupy the Courts was organized by the local Philadelphia chapter of Move to Amend, a branch of the national organization responsible for many of the victories recently achieved in large cities like New York & Los Angeles.

After a rousing reception filled with the theatrics of dancing Supreme Court Justices covered in all your favorite logos, quality folk music, and speeches condemning the idea of Corporations as People, we marched.

While Marching through Center City with Market St. shutdown for the lazy lunch crowd, I was struck by what was happening in the streets around me. As I looked down the line to the over 100 people walking in unison, chanting the verbal Memes of our movement, peacefully resisting the Corporation’s rule over our Democracy, I realized something. This grouping of people in this space, was an accomplishment in and of itself, regardless of what the outcome of the rest of the day was. The potential was obvious.

With a median age of over 50 years old, this was not your typical rah rah protest crowd. They marched in pace: with purpose, deliberate, slow enough to own the space they had taken all the reasonable precautions to reserve without conflict.  This was the 99% you rarely see on the news. Wise, experienced, and fed up!

The potential of the energetic youth, and the wise elders finding common ground in such a meaningful way is a sign of the truth in our movement. We the people, we are the 99%. If we can all find common ground in our humanity, bound by the sentiment of our discontent and stay motivated by the necessity for change in the face of crisis, we are indeed unstoppable!

Onward & Upward!

This week we encourage you to Join Fight for Philly, as they aim to end the shady banking practices which have deferred over $3.3 million dollars from Philadelphia into the coffers of the 1%. One goal of the campaign is to get City Council and/or the Mayor and/or the SRC to ask our banks to PAYBACK the $3.3 million in shady fees they steered away from our schools & city budgets and into their profits!

Randy Quinn


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