RS Meeting Wednesday, 2/1/12, Forming Committees!

Wednesday, February the 1st at 5:30, We are going to have an exciting RS meeting where we will be forming committees! To start I personally would like to see the formation of an Art Committee with a whole day set aside to focus on art education and group projects. An Education committee that can hold classes and seminars to help raise awareness about national and global politics.  A Tech committee that can collaborate on projects, and have classes on current technology.  And any other committees/focus-days that you guys would like to form. By having a day available for each committee, they will have space to have group projects and classes.

Tomorrow is also the last day before our first first Friday art sale.  And we will need volunteers!
The Meeting will be at 5:30 at 11 N 3rd St.  Its really easy to get to, just go down market, turn onto 3rd, and we are right there on the right!  Call 856-842-8696 if you have any problems!
We will be using Skype during the meeting too, call/txt for the connect info!
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