Occupy Art – Gallery Show

Occupy Art - Philadelphia14 Distinct Works of Art, Music, and Drinks
Proceeds will benefit Phila. Area Activists
Friday February 3rd – 7pm to 11pm
12 North 3rd Street – Philadelphia PA
Click for a Map 

Creativity, and expression through art, are extremely powerful as a means of exercising our first amendment rights. This has been so striking through the Occupy movement and other 99% movements around the country. In response, Reasonable Solutions decided to pull together an event that unites artists, creative minds, art collectors, and community activists. With your help, Occupy Art will be a recurring event that enables this fun, energetic, and important forum to be held. For each opening we will be displaying an eclectic collection of works from an equally eclectic group of talented artists.

Proceeds will benefit Reasonable Solutions. RS is a group of freedom-lovers based in Philadelphia. We focus on defending Constitutional rights and preserving liberty through community action and education. During 2012, RS will be engaged in creating a groundbreaking curriculum which highlights systemic problems that we are facing as a nation. Your support, after compensating the artists, will go directly to developing this educational material and organizing presentations and seminars.

Featured Artists:
Josh Shaffner
PJ Smalley
Man Bartlett
Alice White
Sean Martorana
Matt Glick
Eliot Bartlett
Steve Shorts

Event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/336012903106331/


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Philadelphia Resident Activist, Philosopher, Artist, Film Maker
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