Corporate Personhood

This is the concept that allows Corporations to claim almost all the same Rights under the constitution as human-beings. This is an obvious manipulation of the original intent of the constitution to protect the rights of citizens. These Rights are based on a series of progressive court judgements. they warp the rights of the citizen into a shield for corporations to conduct unconscionable acts without the fear of death or incarceration that citizens would face for such crimes. As corporations can only be penalized with fines, there is only one test a corporate action must pass. That test is weather the net result of an action will result in a profit, after any fines, penalties, or settlements are paid out, for any crimes or harm caused by an action. Any corporate actions that results in damages that cannot be charged to company are called externalized costs, and not taken into consideration as a negative. It is likely the only reason that corporations put any value on human life, is a result of the case against ford motors, that stated that they choose to let people die, because it was more cost efficient then a recall. The jury awarded the 2.5million dollar damages, but added punitive damages of 3.5 million to punish them for letting people die for money.

Corporations have the rights of a human being without any of the disadvantages. They are super Persons. Corporate Personhood should be abolished.

Corporations ARE NOT People - Wallpaper

Corporate personhood is the status conferred upon corporations under the law, which allows corporations to have rights and responsibilities similar to those of a natural person. There is a question about which subset of rights that are afforded to natural persons should also be afforded to corporations as legal persons.

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Proposed Constitutional Amendments Below:

An Amendment to Preclude Corporations from Claiming Bill of Rights Protections

The U.S. Constitution protects only the rights of living human beings.

Corporations and other institutions granted the privilege to exist shall be subordinate to any and all laws enacted by citizens and their elected governments.

Corporations and other for-profit institutions are prohibited from attempting to influence the outcome of elections, legislation or government policy through the use of aggregate resources or by rewarding or repaying employees or directors to exert such influence.

Congress shall have power to implement this article by appropriate legislation.

An Amendment to Reverse Buckley v. Valeo and Dominance of Wealth in Electoral Politics

For the purposes of providing all citizens, regardless of wealth, a more equal opportunity to influence elections, public policy and run for public office; of furthering the principle of “one person, one vote” and preserving a participatory and democratic republic; as well as the purpose of limiting corruption and the appearance of corruption, we the people declare the unlimited use of money to influence elections incompatible with the principle of equal protection established under the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Congress shall have the power to set limits on contributions and expenditures
made to influence the outcome of any federal election.

Each state shall have the power to set limits on contributions and expenditures made to influence the outcome of elections in that state.

The power of each state to set limits on contributions and expenditures shall extend to all elections in that state, including initiative and referendum elections, as well as the power to lower any federal limits for the election of members of Congress to represent the people of that state.

Congress shall have power to implement and enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


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