About RS

Reasonable Soltuions - OWS Philadelphia

Mission Statement: To provide a vehicle, that is accessible to all citizens of the United States of America, which allows them to acquire a greater understanding, and take a more effective role toward correcting the systemic problems that exist in American policies, American politics, and American commerce.

We Are The 99%: Reasonable Solutions was formed in October of 2011 in Philadelphia. It came together quickly once a few like-minded individuals met at Occupy Philly and decided that they prefer strategies and tactics which employ logic, reason, and common sense. We put this simple idea into practice right away. Soon after that, a few turned into several. Before long we were joined by over 500 supporters in Philadelphia. Similar groups have also sprouted up across the country in cities such as Oakland, and Seattle.

Reasonable Solutions OWS Philadelphia is focused on reform, not revolution. We are, however, revolutionizing our actions through the use of technology. Our membership includes a diverse group of true 99-percenters who want to work within the system to catalyze serious change on local, national, and maybe even global platforms. We are new school activists that take pride in maintaining active roles in society and thinking of creative ways to raise awareness.

Our first official initiative is to change US government policies of corporate personhood.  We believe that these laws, along with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, have serious impacts on our financial system and allow for unfair practices in political campaign financing.

While that is our current top priority, we also engage in local community projects. We are creating an extensive list of future initiatives as well. Get involved! Let us know what you think we should address.

RS Guidelines for a Reasonable Committee:

  • Look for Opportunities to Take Autonomous Action
  • Everyone is a Leader
  • Be Courteous and Respectful
  • Maintain Integrity
  • Always Keep an Open Mind
  • Use Discernment
  • No bigotry or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.
  • No violence or threats of violence will be tolerated.
  • No excessive drug or alcohol abuse will be tolerated.
  • We do not engage in arguments. We only debate.

7 Responses to About RS

  1. Patricia Patterson Tursi says:

    Quite impressive…we need to harness the enthusiasm of Occupy with these concepts and we’ve got it made!

  2. John says:

    Love it , focused and tackling an immediately achievable goal

  3. Peedro Paula says:

    Wonderful! I agree completely that any calls for change cannot move forward without your focused goals being realized.

  4. I am happy to answer any questions you may have at mspollok@gmail.com. Our group has a VERY limited purpose. Create a free, fair and transparent election system to elect delegates to a National General Assembly in Philadelphia. Then we will fund the venue for the delegates to meet. On July Fourth, the delegates will walk over to Independence Hall where we will have speakers and a signing ceremony for two hours. That’s all we are doing. The delegates will work from March to June to create a petition for redress of grievances and then vote on the final document from July 2-4. We also have more information at http://www.the99declaration.org. We are non-partisan and non-political. Our board members cannot run for delegate and the delegates will not be permitted to identify as a party whether is its Dem, Rep or Green. All delegates must run as American citizens. Each candidate for delegate will have their own candidate profile and then on election weekend, people in each district will register to vote and then click on the two people they want to represent them. Please do not believe the nonsense being circulated by occupy Philly. Just ask me and I will answer any question to the best of my ability, We really want to work with RS and the City to make this happen. Michael Pollok, attorney for The 99% Working Group, Ltd.

  5. Sarah Morken says:

    I don’t agree with the part of the declaration that says delegates will not be permitted to identify as a party member. If a delegate is politically educated at all, which I would hope they are, they will probably identify with a political party. I think they should be able to identify themselves with a political party if they are so inclined. Most of us are not blank slates.

  6. Boswell says:

    I’m Boswell from Seattle, starting a Reasonable Solutions committee here in the rainy city’s occupation. It is AMAZING how many idiotic kids in hoodies we have here who don’t want ANYTHING to do with the system and believe that they can actually violently overthrow the government. Sorry, but guys like that are cuckoo for cocoa puffs
    One thing I would suggest is to avoid the word “reform”. Reform sounds kind of weak. When RS Seattle gets going, we’re probably going to choose “rEvolution”, as in “evolution” (slow change) and revolution (fast change) combined. That, and revolution is possible but it need not be guys in the streets with guns. I’m talking non-violent electoral revolution, like what happened in Poland with the Solidarity movement: direct actions led to the government agreeing to the demands to increase democracy, the people who did the direct actions organized a united opposition, the opposition got elected and things changed. I believe in voting and pressuring are elected officials as well as working with the few decent ones in office, while at the same time I also believe rational, non-violent direct actions are 100% necessary.
    We need MORE RS committees to show up all over the place within occupy. Time to tell our own 1% (the black masked kids throwing stuff at the police) that this is NOT their movement to co-opt.
    Peace and solidarity,
    Boswell from Seattle.

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